For 2020, we're sticking with GT12 cars as our primary race class.

Lap Timing


  • We use an analogue bbkRC system for lap timing and hand out transponders to each racer for the night.  Please remember to hand them back before you leave!!

  • These are powered transponders so you will need a spare socket on your receiver to power it.  We supply Velcro if needed to allow you to fix the transponder into your chassis. Simples!

Heats & Finals

  • We will generally run 3 heats and a single final.

  • All heats are 5 mins duration, whilst the finals run to 6 mins.

  • We occasionally run 3 heats and 2 finals if it's a quiet night, but only the first final will count for championship points.  The 2nd final would generally be run as a reversed grid - just to make it more fun...

GT12 Class


  • Any 1S/4cell GT12 chassis is allowed, using BRCA GT12 regs as a guide, although the only regulations we strictly apply for Championship Points are:

    • Minimum weight limit of 950g, all up race-weight including transponder.

    • "Blinky" esc timing only.

    • We assume 13.5T motors, no lower turn motors allowed. 17.5T is acceptable.

  • We try to run with a maximum of five or six GT12 cars per heat/final

LMP Class

  • BRCA 13.5T regs will be used as a guide.

  • We'll allow 13.5T or higher turn motors, running "Blinky" mode, whilst we investigate whether they are a realistic proposition in the hall.

General Racing Arrangements

  • We run three 5-minute heats, followed by a single final

  • Your positIon for the finals is based on (your total laps from) your best two heat results.

  • LiPos or NiMH/NiCd batteries are allowed, but all LiPo charging must be carried out in a LiPo sack, on a non-flammable tile, using a LiPo-compatible charger.

  • Anyone charging LiPo's beyond the manufacturers suggested C rating will be asked to leave (1C is the expected norm)

  • Tyre Additive is needed but must be on the BRCA approved list - "Spider Blue" is the current driver preference.