PLEASE NOTE: Information on this page supersedes information you may find elsewhere on this website, whilst we navigate through the changes we need to make to ensure we are COVID-19 compliant, and ensure the safety of our members.


Please note it won't be business as usual, the principles are:


  • We will need to operate at a reduced capacity, with a maximum of 12 persons per night (and a minimum of 8).

  • No person under the age of 11 years will be permitted entry. Additionally, it is unlikely we will be able to run 'junior only' heats.

  • All entries will be in advance, with ‘booking in’ via Facebook and payment via PayPal (or electronic transfer) in advance only.  No Cash payments.  Payment will not be refundable for individual no-shows, but will be refunded if we have to cancel a night due to external circumstances.

  • We will record your contact details for each race night, which will (only) be shared in response to an NHS Track & Trace request.

  • A strict one-way system will be operated – you must follow the routings.

  • The kitchen will not be accessible except as a fire evacuation route.

  • Only the disabled toilet will be available – male & female toilets will be closed.

Setting Up

  • Key holders will arrive early to setup race control, set tables out and sanitise everything. Only when this is complete will we open the doors and allow racers to enter the hall.

  • You must maintain social distancing (or wait in your cars) and not “crowd” outside the venue doors, until they are opened.

  • Entrance to the building will only be by the automatic doors.

  • On entry to the building you must sanitise your hands and immediately keep a social distance from others.

  • You must provide your own face covering and this must be worn at all times in the hall (except fag-breaks) unless you personally have a government-recognised exception.

  • You must provide your own gloves for marshalling and track setup.  Gloves do not need to be worn when working at your pit table.

  • The pit area will be set up so social distancing can be followed easily, you must sit on your own and keep yourself to yourself unless you live in the same household.

  • Strict social distancing will be enforced, masks must be worn at all times.

Track Building

  • To set out the track a max of 3 persons only will be allowed in the store-room at any one time, gloves and masks must be worn.

  • Gloves must be sanitised on entering the storeroom and on leaving the hall (ie at start and end of track set-up).

  • The scaffold will be reserved for access to the carpets & drainpipes in the storeroom. Do not move them.



  • Transponders will continue to be handed-out & returned at the end of the evening.  We’ll provide a new “clean” collection case & a separate “touched/contaminated” return tub.  All Transponders will be cleaned at the end of each meeting.

  • Drivers & marshals must maintain social distancing (no close-queuing) when “waiting” to enter the hall for the race.

  • We’re providing new “box stands” for use as rostrums.  Entry to the ‘rostrum line’ is to be in car number order, you must then stand on the box matching your car number.  You must remain on your rostrum for the duration of the race.

  • Marshals will enter the hall once the drivers are in position on the rostrums, and will be required to wear gloves, and to sanitise them as they enter the hall.  Please move straight to your marshal spot and stay there unless recovering a car etc.

  • After your race you will exit through the rear doors, walk around the building and enter through the front automatic doors – you must maintain social distancing.

  • We’ll allow longer times between rounds & heats to reflect the need for rigid movement routes.

  • Unfortunately, it’s not going to be possible to have open practice on the night. We’ll try to run an extra heat, but this is not guaranteed.

  • At the end of racing, tables and surfaces will need to be sanitised again after the track has been put away.

Proposed Timetable (assuming racing Monday & Tuesday)


  • Doors open for racers and for track setup at 6.45pm.

  • 1st heat 7.45pm (no practise), there will be 3 rounds (possibly 4) and 1 final with a max of 3 heats.

  • 10.00pm finish.


  • Doors open at 6.45pm.

  • 1st heat 7.15pm racing finishes 9.30pm to enable packing up and sanitisations.

  • 10.00pm finish.

If we run Monday and Tuesday it may be possible to enter both nights but priority will be given to any racer that can only attend 1 night. Initially GT12 only.